Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rock My Bed Teaser!

I'm still plugging away at this one guys! Rock My Bed starts at nearly the same point Rock the Heart does, so with this story you'll learn things about Noel Falcon and Lanie that you didn't know from the first book. You'll see this story unfold from Riff and Aubrey's point of view and also move past the point of where Rock the Heart and Rock the Band ended. I'm excited for you all to read this one! I'm trying my hardest to make sure you all have this by the end of March! So I'll stop rambling now, get back to work, and give you  a little somethin'-somethin' from Riff's point of view. Oh and I have posted a video below the teaser. The lead singer from Rev Theory, Rich Luzzi, is totally Riff--rockin' tatted body, can sing, the PERFECT mohawk, not to mention hawt!!!



It’s been a couple days since I had received my Hell Cat’s reply. So many times I’ve stopped myself from answering and telling her to name the time and place so I can fuck her out of my system. It’s been a long time since I allowed a chick to get under my skin this way. The last time was clear back in high school when I set my sights on the Prom Queen. I didn’t relent in that situation either, not until I had her legs thrown over my shoulders and she screamed about how big my cock was while we were in the back of my Charger.
Sexy women that play hard to get are my down fall.
I lean my head back against the headrest of the captain’s chair while Big Bertha rolls down the road and I fish my phone from my pocket. To hell with trying to resist her allure. It’ll drive me bat shit crazy if I don’t have her.
“Who you calling?” Trip, our crazy-ass drummer, flops down in the seat beside mine with a huge bowl of cereal.
I ignore him and open up the social media site on my phone. “Not that it’s any of your fucking business, but I’m not calling anyone.”
Trip readjusts his baseball cap. “Damn, dude, just trying to make for some conversation. This place is boring as shit with you and Noel not really talking.”
I raise my pierced eyebrow and shoot him a sideward glance. “That’s not exactly my fault, now is it?”
He takes a huge bite of his cereal and swallows it down before he answers. “Don’t start this shit again. Are you ever going to let this go? You weren’t in love with Sophie. You said that yourself.”
I shake my head and search out Aubrey’s message. “That’s not the fucking point, and you know it. Regardless if I loved her or not, you don’t go behind your friend’s back and fuck his girl. Period. Drunk or not. That’s no excuse.”
Trip nods in agreement. “Yeah, yeah. I get that. And you’re totally right, but you’re going to have to find a way to get past this shit. We’re still a band, and we’re trapped on this tiny fucking bus for far to long to allow this tension to go on. What’s it going to take to fix this?”
I flip my lip ring in and out of my mouth a few times while I reflect on his words. He’s right. Things around here have been tense for the past couple of months. It sucks for everyone because Noel and I have completely zapped away all the fun of being out on the road together. Yeah, it’s partially my fault for bringing a chick on the road with us, but both of them fucking knew better. I blame him.
Her I could really give two shits about.
But what Noel did broke our brotherly bond. It’ll be hard to forgive him for that, but Trips right. We can’t keep going like this.
“I think I just need to learn to let it go, for the sake of the band, and quit being a total fucking dick to him all the time. He’s apologized to me several times—still claims he was too wasted to remember sleeping with her though.”
“I’ve been friends with you a long time, man. You’ve been through a ton of shit with your family, and I know it’s hard for you to trust people. Hell, if this had been anyone else other than Noel, I would’ve helped you beat his ass myself. It was a dick move on his part, he knows that, and now he has to deal with the fucking mess he’s gotten himself into by knocking Sophie up. Be the bigger man, and let it go. It’s what’s best for this band. We’ve worked too damn hard to get here to flush our careers down the toilet over some skanky hoe.” Trip gives me a pointed look and then drinks down the remaining milk in his cereal bowl.
For the guy that’s the goofiest motherfucker in the band, he’s sure making since out of this fucked up situation.
When he gets up to go to the sink, I open Aubrey’s last message. The thought of exactly what I’ll be willing to give her in when she cashes in that ticket makes me smile. It’s nice to think about her and get my mind off all the other shit I’m going through.

Wild Cat,
Why don’t you come use it and find out for yourself? ;)

I press send and then stuff my phone back into my pocket. She’ll either be intrigued or tell me to go to hell. More than likely it’ll be the latter, but that won’t stop me. It’ll only push me harder to get what I want—a night with her tangled up in some sheets.