Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hunky Hump Day Snip: Meet Striker From Rock the Heart

Today, ladies I want to introduce you to the front man of Embrace the Darkness, Striker. His band is known to open for the world renouned, Black Falcon from time to time, and raise a little hell of their own. I can't wait for you all to meet the rest of the sexy men in this novel! November 20th is just around the corner!

A man who resembles a younger version of Steven Tyler takes the seat next to me and orders a beer before turning his attention to me. A blush creeps up my neck when I turn to find him watching me intently. His lips turn up into a smile, and I retrain my eyes back on the bottle in front of me.

The man shoves a strand of his long, black hair behind his ear. “You need another?”

His accent is delicious. There’s something about a British accent that’s incredibly sexy.

I nod. “Sure.”

Mr. Accent gestures for another beer, and I study his features. His black hair hangs nearly to his broad shoulders, and his tattooed hands poke out from the long sleeved shirt he’s wearing. Both of his ears are pierced along with one eyebrow, and his eyes are deep chocolate.  He’s obviously in a band, most guys in here are, but I can’t put my finger on which one.

He turns toward me and holds out his hand. “I’m Striker.”

Ah. That’s where I’ve seen him. He’s the front man of Embrace the Darkness.

I slide my hand in his. “Lanie Vance.”

The bartender returns with the drink and winks at the rocker as she sets it down in front of him.

“Here you go, love,” he says and slides the bottle in my direction. “So, what’s a beautiful lady like you doing in here with this lot?”

I blush again and run my fingers through my hair. “I’m working.”

He raises his eyebrows. “Blimey! You’re a…”

My eyes widen as I realize his mistake. “No!” I nudge his hand. “No. I’m not a…you know. I’m a rep for Center Stage Marketing.”

“Right, I’ve heard of them—out of New York. My record label suggested we look into using them.” He nods and smiles. “Here to pick up new clients then?”

I lean closer to his ear so my voice doesn’t compete with the blaring music. “I’m actually working for Black Falcon on their children’s literacy campaign.”

“They make you travel to this shithole town in Ohio for that? Seems like rubbish to me,” he says in my ear.

I shrug. “Noel and I are old friends. He kind of got me this job.”

He touches my hand this time when he speaks. “Well, an old friend of Noel’s, can I get your name and maybe give you a ring sometime?”

I take a sip of my drink. There’s nothing wrong with giving him my number, right? It’s not like I’m dating anyone or anything. Besides this guy seems cute and genuinely interested in getting to know me.  “I’d like that.”

The rocker picks up his beer and clinks it with mine after he stuffs my cell number in his front, jean pocket. “To new friends.”

“There something you need, Striker?” Noel says behind me.

I turn on the stool. Noel stands there with his arms across his chest as he stares at the back of Striker’s head.

My eyes flick to Striker, and he shakes his head as he turns around and stands. He chugs the last of his beer and sits the bottle on the counter, like he’s in no hurry. “No, mate. I’ve got all I need right here.” He pats the front pocket he slid my number into and promptly turns his attention to me. “Lanie, love, it’s been charming. We’ll be in touch.”

Striker shoulders past Noel without another look in his direction and blends into the crowd of people in the club.

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  1. Ahh I can't wait!! From the sneak peeks I've read this is already one of my favorite books :)

  2. Wow! Lanie it's looking for problems right??? Jajajajajaja this it's great! Can't wait to read it! It'll be the best bithday present!

    1. IKR!!! She's asking for it...BUT, I would probably too being around this lot! LMAO

  3. Awesome lovin these teasers I hope this part stays in the book. Lovin it :-)

  4. I love these little teasers but YOU'RE KILLING ME ;) I'm very excited for this book to come out

  5. Love it, love it, bloody love it really can't wait for this book

  6. It's getting better and better! Can't wait! :)

  7. Ok, so 2 members of my fav fav member of said band being Synyster Gates...I have to read this book!