Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sexy Saturday: Meet Riff From Rock the Heart

 So far I've only shared Lanie and Noel scenes, but today I want to change that. Meet Riff, lead guitarist for Black Falcon and resident womanizer. He is so much fun to write! I can't wait for you all to get your hands on this novel!!

A large crowd gathers by the steps that lead up to the stage area where I am. Cameras flash and I strain my neck hoping Noel’s back from his band meeting. People cram in tight, pushing to gain every inch they can toward their target. Riff makes it to the top step while he signs autographs and kisses some of his female admirers. I sigh—still no Noel yet. I tilt my head, curious as to what it is about Riff that drives the girls wild.

I just can’t figure it out.

Sure he’s really cute, even blind woman would know that, but that alone wouldn’t make me want to sleep with him. Who knows what kind of person he is. I don’t judge if I’m going to sleep with a person based off looks alone.

I’m no slut.

Security cuts the girls off on the stage. “Sorry, ladies, this area is off limits.” I hear the wall of muscle tell the girls as he and his partner holds them back. The girls all whine with disappointment and beg to follow Riff.

My eyes dart to Riff, and he smiles when he catches me staring at him. He walks toward me, his eyes never leaving me once.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” Riff says to me as his eyes rake slowly over my body. His gaze stops directly on my breasts under my tank top. I narrow my eyes at him. He doesn’t seem the least bit bothered I have the look of red death pointed directly at him. He pulls a piece of gold paper from his pocket. “This golden ticket grants you access into my pants when our set is over. Hold on to it tight and give it to security that guards the buses. They’ll let you through. I only give away one or two of those a night. Consider yourself a lucky lady.”

He stuffs the paper into my hands, and I furrow my brows. Is he serious right now? Does he think just because he shoves some gold paper in my hand that I will instantly drop my panties for him? I shake my head and try to hand him back the paper. “No thanks.”

“Not interested?” Riff laughs. “Sweetie, that’s cute, but you don’t have to play hard to get. I know why you’re back here, and I can guarantee there’s no better time to be had than the one you’re going to get with me.”

He licks his lip and runs his hand down my arm. His skin on mine makes my blood boil. How dare he think he can just touch me like that?

I slap the paper into his chest. “I’m waiting for someone you asshole. I’m not some random fucking groupie.”

Surprise registers on his face and then a slow grin. “You’re feisty. I like that.” He tilts his head. “What a shame. We could’ve been pretty awesome together tonight. You know where to find me if you change your mind.”

I huff as Riff lets the piece of paper fall to the ground. It lands by his feet and he smirks at me before he turns and walks away.

What I wouldn’t give for murdering someone to be legal right now. I should kill that asshole for the benefit of all womankind.

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  1. ARGH..............That put's a smile on my face. Just SEVERAL more LONG days. At least I can read it at work when it releases.

  2. Awesome! is it the 20th yet?!?!? :)

  3. I believe I'm gonna really like Riff ;)
    Can't wait for Rock the Heart!

  4. I can see it already that Riff will be my favorite!! I can't wait for this book!!! Hurry up!! lol

  5. Riff aka Mr. Cocky!! Such a naughty boy!!

  6. Riff is going to be so much fun to read. I can imagine how you laughed when you wrote scenes with him in your novel. :)

  7. I KNEW Sal Costa was your insperation for Riff! As soon as I read the part about the hawk, I recognized my favorite guitarist.