Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sexy Sunday Snip from Rock the Heart

When the driver pulls the SUV away from the corner, Noel lets out a sigh of relief, and then pats my leg. His skin on mine is so warm and inviting, which is very dangerous. “Sorry about that. I should’ve had security come in with me, but I figured fans wouldn’t see me if I just ran in to get you.”

I shove his hand off my thigh. “It’s fine, Noel.”

His eyes gaze into mine as he leans his head back against the head rest. “You made it through your first surprise fan attack. Think you can handle all this? My life isn’t exactly sane anymore.”

The expression on his face is serious. He’s testing if I can put up with his new craziness and make it on this tour for two whole weeks. I inspect my arms under his stare. “I escaped your mob of female admirers without one scratch, so I think I’ll live.”

Noel grins—clearly pleased with my answer—and leans in and kisses my cheek. “I’ve missed you.”

Warmth spreads clear down to my toes. The things a simple kiss from this man can do to me are unreal. It should be against the law for someone to be so hot and sweet. It’s definitely an instant panty wetting combination.

Damn it. I’m in trouble.

“Kisses aren’t very professional, Noel.”

He bursts out in laughter and pats my thigh again. “I kind of like this whole hard-to-get game. It’s going to make the sex that much better.”

I remove his hand from me and shake my head. He isn’t going to give up.
****Not Final Verison****