Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fun Snip from Rock the Heart

Because I saw an amazingly sexy picture of Adam Levine, I had to give you guys a snip from ROCK THE HEART that kind of goes along with it. He is my inspiration for Noel Falcon, after all.  (Snip Edited for language.)

Aubrey giggles uncontrollably as we rush from room to room throwing the red doors wide open in search of Noel Falcon. A majority of the rooms are either locked or empty, but I have the feeling if we keep this up much longer we are going to get thrown out of this place.

The last room we come to has music blasting on the other side of the red door. Aubrey twists the handle, throws open the door, and shouts, “Booyah!” at the top of her lungs, causing me to laugh so hard I double over.

 “Oh, um, sorry,” Aubrey says while yanking on my arm.

I stand up straight, trying to curve my giggles, and stare right into the eyes of Noel Falcon. The smile drops completely off my face.

Two topless women press against him, one on each side, and his arms wrap around them. A slow, lazy grin spreads across his face, and I suddenly feel the urge to hurl.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my old pal, Lanie,” Noel says. “Please, by all means, come in and join our little private party. I was going to take it easy tonight and settle for just these two, but you and your friend are more than welcome to join in. The more the merrier, right ladies?”

The blonds giggle and then run their hands up and down his chiseled chest while they lean in and kiss each other.

He continues smiling at me, loving that he’s paying me back ten fold right now. I shake my head in disgust. “You’re a real piece of s***, you know that? Come on, Aubrey.”

Aubrey grabs my shoulders, holding me in place. “Lanie, we can’t. What about our jobs? We have to talk to him.”

I shake my head and glance at Noel. “F*** the job. I’ll pass.”