Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Meet Noel Falcon from ROCK THE HEART

“Give it up for BLACK FALCON!” the rocker screams and my insides jitter. I’m not sure why I’m nervous. It’s not like he’ll even remember me. He sees tons of women every night, and after awhile, faces probably all start to look the same to him

            My gaze instantly glues to the stage. The lead singer, Noel Falcon, enters from the right and looks just like I remember him—tall and lean with shaggy, dark-brown hair. He’s not the goofy boy I knew anymore. The past four years have been good to him. Really good. He wears twenty-two well. The dark scruff on his jaw line brings out the blue in his eyes, and for a second, I kick myself for the night we broke up.

            Noel stops center stage and smiles as he takes in the arena packed with his adoring fans. He’s close. I can practically reach out and trace the intricate tattoos on his arm if I want to. The spotlight beams down on him, and he points a finger out to the throngs of people in the upper deck. The crowd goes nuts, but I stand there simply awestruck. Not because Noel Falcon, one of the hottest rockers on the planet is five feet in front of me, but because it’s Noel Falcon, the first boy I ever loved. He used to be my best friend. The guy I thought at one time was my forever.

            Noel pulls the microphone off the stand. “Wow!” He steps back and continues smiling as he looks around. He looks unbelievably hot in his jeans and tight, black t-shirt. “I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back in my old stomping grounds. I grew up not far from here, so tonight—”

            “I LOVE YOU NOEL!” shouts the lady behind me again, practically right in my ear.

            Noel looks down and makes eye contact with me. Surprise registers on his face, and he pauses for a brief second even though it feels like an eternity. “So tonight—” he says, still staring at me. “—is a very special night. It gives me a chance to revisit my past. See people I haven’t seen since high school.” Noel’s gaze leaves me, and he glances back out toward the crowd. “Are you guys ready to rock?”

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Can't wait for you guys to read all about Lanie and Noel!