Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ROCK MY BED: Two Page Sneak Peek!

Since I know you all are looking for ward to book two in the BLACK FALCON series, ROCK MY BED, I figured I would show you two pages of the book. Riff and Aubrey are so feisty. I love it and I can't wait to share the entire thing with you! Finger crossed this novel will be out at the end of February 2013 following the 1-29-13 release of ROCK THE BAND. Thank you all so much for supporting this series!


***Caution. Rough Draft. Unedited. Not Final Version.***

I tip my head back and listen to the beat of the music echoing down the hallway and readjust my backstage pass. This isn’t the piece of cake first assignment for my best friend, Lanie Vance, I thought it would be. I just hope she isn’t beating the crap out of Noel Falcon on the other side of that red door.
The brick wall is cold against the bare skin on shoulders as I lean against it. This is such a fucked up mess. If I’d known things would get this messy between Lanie and Noel Falcon I might’ve agreed with her that she shouldn’t take Diana Swagger, our boss, up on her offer to meet up with him. Seeing an ex is never easy. I can’t even imagine what I would do if my ex became a rock-God and I was forced to work with him in order to obtain my dream job.
She’s definitely got her work cut out for her.
A few screams at the end of the hall draws my attention. I stiffen against the wall as my gaze lands on Riff, the lead guitarist of Black Falcon. Women rip open their shirts for him to sign their chests as he moves gracefully between them down the hall. My eyes rake over his body. I can see why women line up to throw themselves at him. The hair on his head is perfectly styled into a tall Mohawk that alternates between blonde and black chunk stripes, while his wife-beater tank top shows off a vast array of tattoos covering his broad shoulders and impressive forearms. Riff grins as he signs a couple of bare breasts with a silver Sharpie while another fan kisses his cheek. There’s a light about Riff, maybe it’s purely raw sex appeal, but I swear it’s hard to tear my gaze away.   
I bit my bottom lip just as Riff glances up and notices me. Every instinct in my body advises me to look away because this guy is trouble. The kind of trouble I’ve sworn off of since the last boy-boy I messed around with broke my heart.
I have the worst taste and luck with men.
He holds my eyes with his for a few seconds and when I don’t break our stare a slow, cocky smile spreads across his lips.
Oh shit. Why do I have the feeling that look means I’m in for it?
Riff leans over and says something to one of the security guards and then clamps him on the back before he starts towards me alone.
The girls behind him continue to scream out his name as he leaves them standing there still starving for his attention never looking back. Security holds the crazed fans back and it doesn’t even faze him as heads straight for me.
I swallow hard as my heart hammers inside my chest. The moment is surreal. Since getting to know Lanie in college and learning about her connection to Black Falcon, I admit Riff is the one band member that’s always caught my eye out of the group. There’s just something about him that screams naughty sex on a stick, and I can’t believe he’s heading my way.
My knees grow a little weak beneath me as he stops a couple feet in front of me. Riff smirks as his eyes trail over my body unabashedly, lingering a good while on my breasts beneath my form fitting halter-top. “You’re tits are amazing.”
I flinch and my mouth drops open. “Excuse me?”
His grin widens as he leans into me and braces himself against the wall with a hand beside my head. “I knew it. Red-heads are always feisty.”
Where does he get off? I’m not a prude. I’m down for having all kinds of fun with a random hottie, but just because he’s a fucking rock-star doesn’t give him the right to treat women like random pieces of rump-roast. If any other pick-up line would’ve come out of his mouth he would’ve had a better shot of getting in my panties. Now, he’s just pissed me off.
“Um, ever heard of personal space.” I place my hand on his chest and give him a gentle shove.
Riff’s hand shoots up and wraps his fingers around my wrist. “Feisty and brave. I can only imagine what a night with you would be like. I bet you’re a wild-cat. Here.” He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a golden piece of paper from the back of his jeans and slips it into my palm. “Meet me out by our bus. Let me have just one night to fuck you senseless.”
I stare down at the paper and it looks like a ticket to an amusement park ride. My fingers crumple the paper in my fist. “What the hell is this?”
He moves his other arm and places his left hand on the other side of my head, effectively pinning me against the wall. Both of his knees bumped into mine as leans into me. Damn my stupid body for getting turned on by this beautiful asshole. I feel my own lips betray me as they part when Riff dips his head low like he’s about to kiss me. I close my eyes and my chest heaves with anticipation. This is wrong on so many levels, but a rational reason to not allow this to happen doesn’t enter my brain.
The door across the hall startles me as it slams shut after a very pissed Noel Falcon flees from the room. Riff watches the back of the lead singer of his band storm down the hall, obviously distraught as he grips handfuls of his own hair in his fists.
Riff shifts his gaze back to me. “Use this ticket and come find me. Security will let you past. We aren’t done with this conversation.”
I open my mouth to protest, but he leans in and kisses me so passionately my knees below me nearly give out. The warmth of his tongue gliding over mine causes a tingle in my belly that spreads down to between my legs. Riff cups my face in the palms of his hands and gives me a final peck on the lips. “Find me.”
Without another word he pulls away from me toward the direction of his band-mate. I watch his retreating backside with my mouth gaping open.
What the hell just happened? Did he really just offer to fuck me for sport and then kiss me breathless?
My heart still hammers in my chest as I unclench my fingers and stare down at the golden piece of paper in my hand. That’s one man I need to stay far, far away from. I just know my sanity and my heart depends on it.