Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sexy Sunday: Rock the Band (Black Falcon, #1.5) Chapter One

To celebrate the adding of ROCK THE BAND (Black Falcon, #1.5) to Goodreads I figured why not go ahead and post chapter one from the novella since you all seem to be missing Noel Falcon already. So here it is, Chapter One of the novella that is due out in about a month from now (still no exact date at this time.) Hope you enjoy it! I look forward to sharing this novella with you!


Rock the Band

Chapter 1



Light flickered across the room as the bus rolled down the highway. The constant rumble of the wheels below us comforted me as I held the woman I loved in my arms. This was finally home. Everything I needed was on this bus. Lane had finally chosen to give herself over to me and be completely mine.

I traced my fingertips over the soft skin on her bare shoulder as she rested her head against my chest. I admit I was shocked to see her in the bar earlier tonight at the end of my gig.

That Riff could be a sneaky bastard.

 I never expected to see Lane so soon, but he knew how much I had been suffering and took it upon himself to arrange for us to talk things out. Over the few days we where apart after Sophie and Mike revealed they completely fucked up my life, I’d gone over everything I wanted to say to her at least a million times. How sorry I was. How it was wrong for me not to try harder to make things work between us. I should’ve stood up to Sophie after she tried trapping me in a relationship I didn’t want for the sake of a child—a child that turned out to not even be mine.

I closed my eyes and tried not to think about that, and how stupid my thought process was over the whole situation. The idea of being the best father I possibly could’ve been clouded every judgment I made in all the other aspects of my life, including the way I tried to keep my relationship with Lane a secret until I figured the Sophie thing out. It was wrong of me to ask her to be my secret, and the realization hit me hard when I thought she’d left me for good.

The bus slowed down. Our driver, Jimmy, probably needed to hit the head.

Lane stirred in my arms. “Are we nearly there?”

I smiled and ran my fingers through her brown hair. “Not yet. We still have an hour or so.”

I couldn’t wait to get her back to my place in Kentucky. I knew after she saw it, she’d finally agree to move in with me. It was the perfect place for us. When I bought it, I was looking for someplace like my parents place on Cedar Creek Lake back in Texas. As much as I hated to admit it, I missed that place like crazy. One of the best weekends I’d had in a long time was when Lane took me home with her. Hopefully, my place would remind her of being home and safe.

She lifted her head, and placed her chin on my chest. I took a lock of her brown hair and twirl in around my finger. There was odd comfort in doing that. At times I wished it were physically possible to wrap her entire body around me like I did with her hair on my finger. It was crazy to love someone so much, I know, but I couldn’t help it. Being around her made me want to be a better man.

Big Bertha jerked to a stop and Lane pushed her self up on the bed. She raised her arms over her head in a delicious stretch. I tucked an arm behind my head and took in the sight of her bare chest in the moonlight. I bit my lower lip as I trailed my eyes over every inch of her body. It was amazing how fucking sexy she was.

She dropped her arms into her lap and whipped her head in my direction. Her lips pulled in a heart-stopping smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

I furrowed my brow, but couldn’t fight back my grin. “How am I looking at you?”

Lane shrugged. “I don’t know, like you’re studying me.”

A chuckle escaped from me as I sat up with lighting speed and pulled her back down in bed with me. I brushed a lock of stray hair from her face and then traced her delicate jaw line. She really was absolute perfection.

“Maybe I am studying you.”

She readjusts her head on the pillow. “Why?”

“Just wondering why you came back to me tonight? I mean, I was fully prepared to grovel to win you back, but I was just giving you space.”

She sighed and brought her hand to cup my face. “I left to give you time to figure things out. You just had your entire world rocked. I didn’t want to add any more drama to your life.”

This was one of the reasons I loved this woman. She actually cared about my feelings. No one had ever done that before. She was the only person who ever put me first in their life. Not even my parents did that. The only time she ever took herself into account was when she left me on that dock, but she was right to do that. I never used to put her first back then, and I see now how shitty that made me. Her leaving me pushed me to succeed. It drove me. In a way, I owe her thanks for that.

I leaned my head down and placed my lips on hers. “You are my world, and you’re welcome to dramatize it all you want.”

Her lips turned up into a smile. “I think it’s time we live drama free for a while, don’t you?”

I nodded and stroked her face.

Drama free? Was there really such a thing? Life for me had always been filled with it. The only time I’d ever experienced true peace was on stage. The surge of the crowd and the heavy thump of the drums always pulled me into almost what felt like another dimension and made me forget all the bad shit in my life. It was true I felt nearly the same way in moments like this one with Lane, but deep down I had to always fight back the fear that someday I’d fuck things up and she would decide to run from me again.

Then it hit me. I needed to make this thing between us permanent. I had to show her I meant what I said earlier at the show, that I was hers forever.

I stared into her green eyes and made a silent promise to myself that somehow, someway, I would make this girl my wife. The mere thought of us being apart again caused an ache I didn’t think I could bare. Yes, giving her my last name would rectify that fear.  

Lane reached up and tapped my temple. “What’s going on in that brain of yours? I know that look.”

Damn. She caught me. I wasn’t prepared to tell her about the thought that had just crossed my brain. She would’ve probably given me the speech about taking things one day at a time. I hated that fucking speech. I was ready to live in the moment—the here and now with her. If she could only see through my eyes for a second, she would know how I felt about her. There wouldn’t be a question on my motives. She would know I loved her to the depths of her soul and how completely she rocked me in every way.

“You’re still doing it.”

I bit my lip. She wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave her an answer. I knew how relentless she could be. I shrugged and replied as coolly as I could. “Just thinking about surprising you with something.”

She raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow. “What kind of surprise?”

“Now, why would I ruin it by telling you?” I teased.

Lane’s lips pulled into a smile. “Guess I’ll have to withhold sex until you tell me.”

I grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her back. Every inch of my body covered her nude flesh and my cock twitched at the nearness of her moist heat. I ran my right hand up her side, knowing full well the effect of me being so forward had on her. I pinned her gaze with my eyes and licked my lips.

She squirmed beneath me. “You’re cheating!”

I licked her bottom lip. “How is this cheating?”

Her legs moved further apart and I slid my hips between them. My throbbing dick pushed against her folds. I ran my nose along her jaw and inhaled the intense scent of her hot skin. Fragrances of sweet shampoo and a mouth-watering perfume filled my nose. Every sense in my body went on complete overload by her nearness. I dragged my lips across the flesh of her neck and when she tipped her head back, letting a moan escaped from her parted,  pink lips, I knew she wanted what I was about to give her.  

I slid my hand down her belly until it found the point where our bodies were about to connect. Only one finger glided into her and she bucked her hips against my hand. I ground the palm of my hand against her clit, giving it the intensity she craved. She gasped and closed her eyes. The urge to taste her raged inside me, so I snaked my tongue out and licked from the base of her throat to her chin. Lane opened her eyes and grabbed both sides of my face in her hands and crushed her lips against mine. A primal need to take her, to feel her, pushed through me and a growl rumbled in my chest.

I loved it when she was forceful with me. It turned me on instantly when the need to be pleased in her eyes. She was practically begging for me to fuck her senseless.

“Noel.” She said my name with a mixture of pain and desire in her voice. My breath came out in ragged spurts and I nipped her earlobe between my teeth. The way I felt about her was crazy. It was primal and raw, and I needed to connect with her in every possible way.

I circled her clit with the tip of my finger in a forceful rhythm. Her eyes rolled back and her entire body shook as she came hard against my hand. While she was still in the moment, I grabbed the base of my shaft and guided into her, not allowing her to time to come down from her orgasm.

“Oh. God. Yes!” she cried as I plunged into her.

Knowing I was making her scream like that was nearly enough to drive me over the edge right then and there, but I held back and tried to pretend the feel of me sliding in and out of her wasn’t the best fucking feeling in the world.

Her nails racked along my back all the way down to my ass, where she grabbed it with both hands as I worked her. Lane held my gaze and chewed on her bottom lip. I couldn’t resist. I bent down and kissed her, grazing my teeth along that lip.

“I love you,” she whispers against my mouth. “Forever.”

I closed my eyes. It was the word I’d told her earlier, that I was hers forever. To hear her confirm the same feeling I had nearly caused me to choke up.

Lane must’ve sensed the emotion welling-up inside me, because she pushed my shoulder, forcing me on my back.

I gripped her hips in both hands as she positioned herself over the head of my cock before impaling herself with it. She gasped as she took in my length to the base. Memorized by the site of her, I couldn’t peel my eyes away as she rocked her hips in a steady rhythm. Long strands of her brown hair cascaded down her back and she reminded me of an angel in need of her body being worshipped.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her and she arced against my hands. Her muscles around my cock clenched, making it nearly impossible to hold back. “Fuck, Lane.”

Both of her hands found my chest as she braced herself against me as she picked up speed. She knew I was getting close and enjoyed getting me off. 

I cup her right breast as I sucked her pink nipple into my mouth. My eager tongue flicked across it as she slammed down hard on me. The warmth of our connection flowed through me as I inhaled the scent of her desire. I leaned back to take in the sight of her enjoying the ride. She was getting close again. I could tell. She always grabbed her own tits when she was nearly ready to come. I watched as she plucked her left nipple between her fingers before rolling it and moaning.   

“You are so fucking sexy,” I told her as I watched her kneed her own breast.

She grinned and leaned in and kissed my lips. I splayed my fingers across her ass and encouraged her to ride me faster. Lane whimpered as she ground her clit against me with each buck of her hips. I loved that I could make her come while I was deep inside her. Most girls I’ve been with, I didn’t care about making sex last long. I was only looking to get off. There never was a connection with any of them. But, with Lane, it was different. Making sure she was satisfied pleased me nearly as much as letting go inside her.

“Come with me,” I whisper roughly in her ear. There was nothing better than that. Mutual gratification between us simultaneously was exactly what I craved.    

Lane’s moaning grew louder as she rode me with determination. She working hard to comply with my request and I watched under my hooded eyelids as she tipped her head back and screamed out my name as she came for the second time.

“Fuck.” The sight of her letting go caused a shudder to rip through my entire body as my cock erupted and I filled her full.

She collapsed against me and I kissed her cheek over and over still craving more of her. “I love you so much.”

Never in my life had I loved another person as much as Lanie Vance, and I knew that now more than ever. I had to figure out a way to make her mine forever.