Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Teaser--New Series

Here's a Tuesday Teaser from my next series. The first book is called Torturous Kisses, a new adult contemporary romance novel. These two characters have attitude and I really, really like them. I can't wait to tell you more about this one. Here's the *unedited* beginning of chapter one. (This one is dual point of view). I plan on releasing this in January 2014!

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**Caution! Unedited. Will Most Likely Change*

Chapter One



   While the moonlight dances off the shiny red paint of his tricked out sports car, I feel my blood start to boil, and my face start to match the color. How could he? Seriously? And with Charity Bidwell of all people?

When the reality that I am being cheated on is smacked in my face, my first instinct is to burst out in tears like a little girl whose puppy was just ran over, but I can’t. I know I can’t, not with Sasha sitting in the passengers seat. She’d never let me live it down. I’m suppose to be tough. I’m apart of Ohio State's mean girl squad for crying out loud. I can’t let a jerk like Chance Murphy make me the laughing stock of the school just as I’m on my way to queen bee status. 

“Well, Avery?” Sasha, my sorority sister, smirks with her very I-told-you-so-face. “What are you going to do about that?”

“Yeah, Avery. Are you going to let him get away with that shit?” Rosemary chimes from my back seat.

They want action. They came with me tonight just to get first hand gossip, so I have to give people something to talk about. Something that’ll make the rest of the sorority forget the fact that Chance was in Highland Cinema sucking face with Charity, making me look like a pathetic loser in the process.

The muscles in my neck tense at the thought of people laughing at me Monday morning, so push my fingers into the tight flesh in the back of my neck and sigh. I close my eyes, trying to plan my move. The only thing I can think of is revenge. I want to hurt him like he's hurting me. My eyes snap open as my plan unfolds in my brain. The one thing Chance loves is that car—that pretty, red, sports car that’s mocking me with its presence. The one that’s sitting all alone at the far end of the parking lot, that’s begging for punishment.

With lighting quick speed I pop the trunk of my car, fling open my car door, and hop out. Behind me Sasha and Rosemary giggle as they make their way over to me while I riffle through my trunk.

“What are you looking for?” Sasha quizzes.

My hand lands on cold, hard steel and I pull it out of the trunk for a better look. “This.”

“What the hell is that?” Rosemary asks.

The laugh that escapes my lips startles me a little because it doesn’t even sound like me. It has the ring of someone thinking very dark and menacing things, not feeling heartbroken, like I really feel now. “It’s a crowbar.” 

Sasha smiles. “Nice.”

“What a minute, Avery. You can’t possibly use that on them.”

I roll my eyes and slam the trunk lid. “Rosemary, it’s not to hurt them with.”

Rosemary scrunches her face. For being the so-called brains of our group, she isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box. Our little secret society really needs to adjust what they view as brilliance.

I take off toward the bright red show-of-money that’s shinning under the glow of the street lamps, planning to reciprocate some pain. The steel now feels warm in my grip, after taking some of the built-up heat from my sweaty palm, nearly matching my body temperature.

This is the last time I allow myself to be hurt like this. I’m sick of men treating me like something they can use then toss away.

I stop in front of the red Camero and zero in on the headlights as I raise the crowbar above my head.   


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NAmazing Adventure Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the NAmazing Adventure, a blog hop featuring over 60 New Adult authors, and prize packs that include ARCs, signed books, gift cards, swag, and more! If you're not sure what the NAmazing Adventure is, please click HERE to start from the beginning and read the complete rules on the NA Alley website. Now let's get this journey on the road!

Book Blurb:


For the last four years, good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. She thought she was sensible when she told him his dreams of being a rock star would get him nowhere, but now that he's a rock god and her career is stagnant, she realizes just how wrong she was. When Noel hires the marketing company where Lane is an intern, she’s forced to see him again. If she wants to land her dream job as executive within the company, she has to win him over and secure his account. Too bad Noel is still pissed at her for breaking his heart.

When Lane’s company flies her to a Black Falcon concert to gain Noel’s attention, emotions run high the moment she sees him and realizes she’s far from over him. But Noel’s countless trysts with groupies and his cocky attitude make Lane believe he isn’t the same guy she once loved—now he seems to only want her body. Then after Lane discloses she needs him to procure a job, Noel proves he’s a changed man by forcing her to go on the road with him in order to get it.

After Lane reluctantly takes Noel up on his offer, she becomes willing to do whatever it takes to keep him satisfied, even if it means succumbing to his seductive ways. Lane soon finds deception is a dangerous game and she’s not the only one playing.

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Tuesday Teaser: Rock the Beat, Meet Trip

It seems like every time I start a novel I fall in love with the guy in the book. This one is no different. Trip Douglas is one orney, cocky, sexy man, and I think I'm falling hard for this one. This love story is A LOT of fun. Trip has his work cut out for him if he wants to make the leading lady of this novel fall in love.

I can't wait to give you all this story! Blurb for the book will be coming very soon!

Publish date: September 2013

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**As Always Caution. Not Edited. Not Final Version and Will Probably Change.**


Rock the Beat


Chapter 1


Why the hell is it eighty seven million degrees in this store? I know we’re poor, but damn. A little air conditioning would be nice. I readjust the fan on the counter and allow the air to blow directly on me. It’s disgustingly hot in here and this uniform top that reads Mountain Time Speed Track doesn’t help the situation. I glance around, and when I’m sure there’s no customers lurking about, I unbutton my top and stuff it under the counter. Immediately I’m relieved. The white wife beater I have on is soaked with sweat, but at least when the hot air whips across my skin, it feels a little cooler.
Dad and I are going to have a serious talk about this uniform situation if he doesn’t cool this place down soon.
I gather my long, blond hair into a messy bun on the top of my and grab the spray bottle of water I’ve been using to mist over my skin. I tip my head back, close my eyes and douse my bare skin in water. A little sigh of pleasure slips from my lips as the relief of being cool finally wafts over me.
“Damn. If I’d known I was going to see an erotic show in here I would’ve brought some ones.” My eyes snap open and land on a tattooed arm in front of me holding two hundred dollar bills. “You’ll have to show a little more skin if you want me to stuff hundreds down your pants. Those you have to work hard to earn.”
My gaze travels up the toned arm and shoulders, until it finally lands on an absurdly handsome face. A light beard covers his cheeks, while a baseball cap covers most of his shaggy dark hair. His bright blue eyes dance with amusement as his plump lips pull up on one side, revealing a devilish smirk. It’s like the face of Adonis staring right at me and it makes my stomach flip. Stomach flippers are down right dangerous.  
I grab the money from his hand and do my best to appear completely annoyed by this beautiful stranger. “How much time do you need?”
“Easy there, sugar tits. No need to be bitchy. I’m plenty fun once you lose that stick up your ass,” Adonis man says before winking at me.
I bunch my eyebrows and my lip curls. What a pig. He actually fucking winked at me. This asshole has some balls. This one is far worse than the typical biker boys that come here to practice for the X-Games. They give me their best line, and when I shoot the wind out of their preverbal sail with my are-you-kidding-me attitude, they turn tale and run—never looking back. Most steer clear of the Ice Queen at the front desk.
Looks like I’ll have to kick up my bitch factor a couple notches to throw this one off my scent. “You look about as fun as an albino getting a sunburn. Now, how much time do you want on the track?”
His gaze trails up and down my body as he rakes his teeth over his bottom lip nice and slow. “You always this difficult?”
I roll my eyes and sigh, trying to decide if I can get away with cussing him out and telling him there’s no chance in hell that I’ll ever date a biker. Been there, done that, so not doing it again. They never have their shit together and mostly all still live at home with their mom’s and play video games all day.
I open my mouth to tell him to take a walk off a short pier somewhere, but quickly close it as my father’s shaking head pops into mind like my guilty little conscious. Always treat the customer with respect. That’s Dad’s number one rule. “Time?”
Tattooed hottie leans against the counter and grins. Looks to me like he’s contemplating taking me on as a challenge, and I stare back at him with my best you-don’t-stand-a-chance-in-hell look. “Tell me, sweet cakes, did the last guy get your panties in a bunch? I’ll be happy to untwist them if you like. I’d guess it’s been a while since you’ve been fucked thoroughly. You’d be amazed how it’ll pop that stick out of your ass. And with a fine-ass body like that, I’d be happy to volunteer my services. It would be doing the public a great kindness.”
My mouth gapes open and I stare at him in shock. That’s it—to hell with keeping the peace in order to gain his business. This jerk has pushed me too far.  “Listen here, buddy. My panties are none of your concern as for your time you can take your money and sh—”
“Holly,” My father scolds as he comes bursting through the front door of the shop with a scowl on his face. I sigh heavily. Dad didn’t even give me enough time to tell this dude to shove his money straight up his ass. “I can hear you clear outside. Why are you yelling at our guest?”
The man focuses his eyes directly on me and smiles, waiting for me to explain to my father why I was yelling at him in the first place. “I…he…Ugh! Why don’t you ask him why?”
Dad scratches his head as he glances over at Adonis.