Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Biker's Virgin

I was given one simple job. Break in and kidnap a rival MC club’s daughter.

I wasn’t expecting her to be a barely legal virgin begging me to take her.

I have to have her—wife her up and let the world know she belongs to me. I don’t even care if not following orders could cost me my life. 

She’s. Mine

No one will take her away from me. 

A hot, sexy standalone with a dirty-talking biker and his sweet virgin. 

Genre: Erotic Romance
Surprise Release Date: Late Nov 2017/Early Dec 2017, Exact TBA

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Love, Sex, Music Now Live!

Releases June 21st, 2017

Fame can disappear in an instant…

Fortune is a fleeting fantasy…

Laz Rawlings had them both, until he lost it all…

Laz, a former world-famous music producer screwed up everything thanks to his rock-n-roll lifestyle, but he’s been given an opportunity to prove his genius in the music industry wasn’t a fluke, and he’s hell-bent on not letting history repeat itself. But that’s proving difficult when the young singer he’s tasked with grooming has become the object of his every desire.

Life has been an uphill battle for Aundrea Newton, so when a sexy, tattooed stranger hand delivers her dream of a music career, she’s skeptical. Nothing ever comes easy, and she knows Laz has the power to crush both her career and her heart with his undeniable sex appeal and charismatic swagger.

When the line between mentor and student blurs, both begin to question what’s more important: Love, sex or the music.

**STANDALONE. No Cliffhanger**